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How to work with a Bean for the first time?


A bean is a basic element of the issues management system. It stands for an issue, a thing that needs to be done, a project that requires processing or developing of at least one file. The bean represents your intention, an outcome you want to achieve by completing the bean. The bean collects files connected with the issue; it helps to organize them; it provides the issue with such attributes as: name, status, outcome, and context. Continue reading

How are Flow directories structured?

Files as well as folders kept in the flow directory are mostly interpreted as beans have a peek here. Beanflows determines the bean status according to its location in the flow directory structure. Done beans are stored in the _Done folder, inactive beans in the _Inactive folder, etc. When you set the bean status in Beanflows, the program will transfer it to the right folder. If you transfer the bean to a different folder in the Finder, Beanflows will show the right status.

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