Version 1.3.2 MAS & Non-MAS

Update overview

You’ll find that your portfolio of beans is far more accessible because of Beanflows’ new ability to choose location for portfolio outside of Library, for example Home or Documents directory. It’s a huge convenience because Spotlight sees portfolio contents now. You can easily search it. Also you can see it in Finder’s ‚Arrange View’.

Setup or migrate portfolio

To provide this function we’re introducing ‚Setup and Migration Wizard’. It will be shown once, on first run after installing this update. One of three scenarios will be executed: First Run, Migration or Use Portfolio Scenario.


1. First Run Scenario

You choose location for portfolio and it is created.


2. Migration Scenario

Wizard finds existing portfolio in Library, you choose location for portfolio and Wizard migrates it out of Library.


3. Use Portfolio Scenario

Wizard finds existing portfolio outside of Library, that had been set up manually earlier (setting sciezkaBazowa in user’s preferences file). You have to select this explicitly again now, so sandboxed Beanflows can access it. Beanflows can’t use old settings right away because of sandboxing rules enforced by Apple. Apple requires that user explicitly communicate his intent to access folder outside sandbox by selecting it in File Selection Panel.

Here are some screenshots showing how the wizard looks:


Changing location of portfolio

Once you’ve set initial location for portfolio you may your mind afterwards. New Preferences window gives you means to change portfolio location whenever you need. You can use another portfolio, migrate existing or create new one.

Here are screenshots:


Other changes

  • Beanflows runs in a sandbox now.
  • Added support for dropping mails from Apple Mail application to a flow, bean or flow items.
  • Added support for dropping mails and attachments from Outlook.
  • Dropped items are selected in outline views, eg. Flow Items and Bean Items.
  • Blocked dropping of a flow on another flow.
  • Blocked dropping of an item into enclosing directory.
  • Improved tearing off behavior when dragging tab to the right side of a tab strip.
  • Improved memory management when closing tabs and portfolio windows.
  • Stability fixes for Lion.
  • Other bug fixes.