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Version 1.6.0 MAS & Non-MAS

New bean status „Ready”

We’ve added new bean status ‚Ready’.

As you know bean statuses represent the stages of the process of outcome achievement: sowing, growing, shaping, maturing, and harvesting. This new addition allows you to fine tune the final stages of bean life – harvesting a bean. It was Done-Archived sequence before, now is Ready-Done-Archived. Continue reading

Version 1.3.2 MAS & Non-MAS

Update overview

You’ll find that your portfolio of beans is far more accessible because of Beanflows’ new ability to choose location for portfolio outside of Library, for example Home or Documents directory. It’s a huge convenience because Spotlight sees portfolio contents now. You can easily search it. Also you can see it in Finder’s ‚Arrange View’.

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Version 1.2.0 Non-MAS

Update overview

This update is gives user a chance to evaluate Beanflows for free for 14 days. Trial needs to be activated with email address user used when subscribing to our newsletter. Trial binary has an expiration date built in. Each binary is encoded with user’s mail address.


New features

  • Added trial functionality.
  • Added ‘Activate Trial’ window.
  • Added alert reminding that application runs in trial mode.