Version 1.1.3 MAS

Update overview

This update includes lot of bug fixes and optimizations.



  • Added keyboard shortcut Cmd+Backspace to ‘Move to Trash’ action.
  • Triangle on the left side of directory icon is not shown now if the directory is empty.


Drag & drop enhancements

  • Better handling dragging files from Beanflows to applications that use only file path textual representations, e.g. text editors or terminal app.
  • Better visual cues during dragging items over tables. Green frame is shown instead of horizontal line to indicate drop on table.
  • Fixed an issue when selection color on sidebar was changed to gray during dragging items over Beanflows’ window.


Improvements during updating of table content

  • Improved editing behavior. When a change is detected Beanflows automatically cancels the field editing process. It resolves some hang issues.
  • Newly added items are selected (in some of application views).
  • Improved behavior of refreshing flow item outline view on Lion.


Other bug fixes

  • Fixed possible application hang issues during editing of bean, flow or flow item names. It could occur at the end of editing process if edit field was empty.
  • Fixed an issue when app hanged after clicking triangle on the left side of ‘All Beans’ row on the sidebar.
  • Restored dimming of icons under Flow table in accordance with selection of beans.
  • Bug fix: confirmation alert for ‘Move to Trash’ action wasn’t modal.
  • Fix for losing keyboard focus after creating directory.
  • Updated links to website pages that changed after publishing of the new website.