Beanflows 1.1.3 will land in a few days

Hello everybody.

Few days ago we submitted next version of Beanflows to Apple. While we wait for approval we would like to share with you some of improvements that you’ll get in a few days. This update includes lot of bug fixes and optimizations.

You’ll find that application is more stable and polished, several bugs that were found by our users are fixed and dragging and dropping of files is improved. Also, if you haven’t been on our website for a while, you will certainly notice beautiful new website design 🙂

Here are details of the update:



  • Added keyboard shortcut Cmd+Backspace to ‘Move to Trash’ action.
  • Triangle on the left side of directory icon is not shown now if the directory is empty.


Drag & drop enhancements

  • Better handling dragging files from Beanflows to applications that use only file path textual representations, e.g. text editors or terminal app.
  • Better visual cues during dragging items over tables. Green frame is shown instead of horizontal line to indicate drop on table.
  • Fixed an issue when selection color on sidebar was changed to gray during dragging items over Beanflows’ window.


Improvements during updating of table content

  • Improved editing behavior. When a change is detected Beanflows automatically cancels the field editing process. It resolves some hang issues.
  • Newly added items are selected (in some of application views).
  • Improved behavior of refreshing flow item outline view on Lion.


Other bug fixes

  • Fixed possible application hang issues during editing of bean, flow or flow item names. It could occur at the end of editing process if edit field was empty.
  • Fixed an issue when app hanged after clicking triangle on the left side of ‘All Beans’ row on the sidebar.
  • Restored dimming of icons under Flow table in accordance with selection of beans.
  • Bug fix: confirmation alert for ‘Move to Trash’ action wasn’t modal.
  • Fix for losing keyboard focus after creating directory.
  • Updated links to website pages that changed after publishing of the new website.


Stay tuned.