Version 1.0.5 MAS

What’s New in this Version

  • Design improvements.
  • Ability to Quick Look into file content.
  • Ability to select multiple beans and operate on them.
  • User interface improvements in tables and outlines.
  • Functional enhancements in All Beans Vikings View.
  • Mountain Lion compatibility.
  • Retina graphics.
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Design improvements

  • New icons for Beans, All Beans, Archived Beans, etc.
  • New icons representing different bean statuses.
  • Redesigned interface for ‘New Bean…’, ‘New Flow…’ and ‘New Directory…’ commands.

Tables and outlines

  • User interface improvements in Version tables and outlines.
  • Added status name in a detailed list.
  • Items in the table cheap nba jerseys are sorted after item name change.
  • Improved Tab wholesale nfl jerseys key behavior.
  • Fixed drop of items on icons in table rows.
  • Fixed 1.0.5 drawing of texts in selected rows in tables.


Enhancements in All Beans View

  • Added commands for manipulating beans that were earlier available only in Flow View: ‘Duplicate’, ‘Move into Bean Folder’, ‘Move content out of Bean Folder’, ‘Move to…’ and ‘Move to Trash’.
  • Switching status filter is faster.
  • Improved behavior of drop operation.


Local menu for beans and files

  • Added ‘Open’ command in the local cheap jerseys menu that opens documents with default application.


Main menu

  • Fixed an issue when ‘Open Bean in Tab’ and cheap nba jerseys ‘Open Bean in Window’ menu items in the File menu were grayed out in spite of the bean with directory being selected in the list.


Bean Tab

  • Fixed an issue when 1.0.5 clicking ‘Open in Finder’ button resulted in opening a selected file with another application.


Bean View on Portfolio Tab

  • Change: Clicking on the triangle icon opens bean in a new Tab and, in addition, closes bean on Portfolio Tab.


Archived Beans

Bug fixes

  • Dragging of files with names containing international characters to other applications was corrected.
  • When editing an item name it was possible to paste multiple lines of text. It was fixed by converting the text to a single line.